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Senior Portraits

There are only a few moments in your life where photography is essential. One of those is your senior portraits. While families desiring senior portraits all have differing ideas about the style and type of photographs they'd like, deep down what they all really want is to have memorable images of their child, who has reached a momentous stage in their life.

This photo session should be centered on the personality of the senior. It should capture their likes and passions as well as their charm and interests. This session can be as serious or creative as you and your senior would like.

The sessions outlined here and on the various marketing material is a basic guideline for planning your session. If, however, you have other ideas, we can discuss your session. Each session comes with a complimentary consultation. I will use this consultation to create a plan for location, look, props, or any other ideas you bring. We will layout exactly what you want and I will work diligently to make your session exactly what you dreamed of. All of your questions should be taken care of before the session so that time can be used to create the art and memories you'll cherish.

Young man posing near Brenke Fish Ladder in Lansing, Michigan
Young woman in green dress stands in tall yellow grass near a pond at Meridian Historical Village in Okemos Michigan

What are your session needs? The senior session can be as easy as the yearbook photo only all the way to my Three-Season Package. Only you and your senior can decide what type of session you want. If you are unsure, please call me! I have worked with seniors in all of the Greater Lansing schools and am familiar with many of their expectations. In general, a school district will determine when the yearbook image is due to the school and what those requirements are. Some schools allow outdoor images and some do not. I will need to know what those requirements are to provide the proper images for your yearbook. If an outdoor image can be used in the yearbook we can get those as we do your personal senior session. 

When do you need images or products? When is your yearbook photo due to the school? This will set the schedule for at least the yearbook image. Usually, we schedule your session and include yearbook styled images if that's acceptable by your school. Once the yearbook image is set, the personal session, the one we do for the senior can be done any time before you need the images. Some needs may be if you're sending out a wallet in a Christmas card or with a graduation invite. Many of my clients order prints just before the open house too. I have had seniors as early as the spring before their senior year (especially if they choose my Three-Season Package) and as late as the winter of their senior year. 

Location? I mostly shoot on location at this time, unless you want to book at your home or business. We have phenomenal locations in the Greater Lansing area to choose from to create whatever image you may want. Share your ideas with me and I’ll come up with the perfect location! I can also accommodate a session at your home or business. I’m extremely flexible with planning your perfect senior session. 

How do you want to look for your images? Are you hoping for beautiful spring flowers? Do you love autumn colors and deep jewel toned outfits? We can do almost anything your heart desires. If you have trouble coming up with ideas, let me know and we can brainstorm. Sometimes I ask my clients to go through Pinterest or other sites to find their look and share that with me. Generally, I instruct my seniors to pick a season. Summers will be relaxed, summer dresses, shorts, water, bright colors. Fall is the earth tones, chunky sweaters, autumn colors, leaf changing. Winter is snow, cold clothes, bright color contrast. And Spring is pastels, colorful clothes, spring flowers, soft greenery. You can check out my senior gallery to get ideas. 

What final products are you interest in purchasing? Finally, what do you hope to have as your final products? Are you hoping to have a beautiful lay flat coffee table book to share or give as a gift? Do you want wallets to pass out to all your family? I have so many products that we can have made from your digital images. Please let me know. You are also able to purchase the digital image for personal use. Check my pricing tab at the bottom of this page for product pricing and packages.

If you have any questions, call (517-484-8789), email (ariniko@ariniko.com), or use my contact form to send me a note.

Tips and Hints

  • Choose a season that flatters your personality & color preference. Summers will be greens, yellows, reds, colored flowers & gardens and bright water blue. Fall will be orange, browns, yellows, reds, deep sunsets, pumpkins, sunflowers, and falling leaves. Winter is silvery snow & ice, icy blues, and coniferous greens. You can bring in the bright colors because they will pop on the colorless backdrops. Spring is low lights, fog, cloudy skies, early growth in greens and yellows, fruit tree blossoms of pink and soft white, and can be a substitute for summer if it's a nice day.
  • Bring props that compliment your personality and favorite activities.
  • Bring multiple outfit changes (up to five) with all accessories including scarves, flowers, hats, shoes, necklaces, earrings.
  • Choose your session time with the least amount of stress involved. If you're not a morning person, don't schedule in the morning.
  • Bring someone who supports you and knows your relaxed self.
  • Don't bring someone that will distract you.
  • Eat a light meal before the shoot but expect to eat after, so you don't have any nervous issues.