Publicity photograph on at Capital City Airport for Riverwalk Theatre

Business Photography

There's a lot that goes into running a business. Photography should play a big part of that. Whether it's the corporate head shot on your LinkedIn profile page or production shots of your products, having the right images to represent your business is essential. As a small business owner, I understand the significance of showcasing the right images. 

Promotional photo taken for RENT for Riverwalk Theatre in Lansing, Michigan

Head Shots

The head shot can be as professional as you'd like or more in line with your personality. Before we schedule a session I take time to find out what it is you plan to use your headshot image for and plan accordingly. This personalized image should relay to your audience the message you want presented. If you are having it done for a business, I can match the style to that as well. 

Single Setting Pose 15 minute session on studio backdrop, 1 High Resolution Digital $50 

Single Setting Pose 15 minute session on location with 1 High Resolution Digital $50

Multiple Poses 30 minute session on location with 3 High Resolution Digital $120

Multiple Poses 1 Hour session on location with 5 High Resolution Digital $220

On Site Step & Repeat $250 per hour includes set of edited high resolution digitals of all participants

Additional digitals: $20 each
Additional time: $30/quarter hour

Samples of Ariniko Artistry Head Shots
Kat Cooper posing for a fashion shoot at Meridian Historical Village

Business Products Photography

Capturing an image of your products allows you the opportunity to add them to your shopping cart, sell on Amazon, or just showcase on your Facebook business page. Whatever your needs are, I can work out a quote for your needs. 

General Pricing:
One hour of product shooting - $120

Set of 10 Digital Images - $180
Set of 20 Digital Images - $300 

Additional session time - $30/quarter hour
Additional Digitals - $20 each  


Event Photography for businesses - $250.00/hr which includes a final set of professionally culled digital images, with minimal edits, delivered via flash drive, DVD, or digital transfer.


Samples of Ariniko Artistry Product Photography
I'm A Beer Hound Product Photography