The Michigan State Capitol with fireworks bursting around it wit the words DOWNTOWN over the top of it

Other Services

Photography and design often go hand in hand. For many years now, I have offered services beyond photography including logo design, flyer or newsletter design, photo editing, brochure design, card design, and social media imagery. Within my own business, I am the sole designer of my website, stationary, print products, logo, business card, and social media marketing graphics. I am often asked by other businesses to help create buttons, Christmas graphics, and even website design. If you are in need of any of these services, I would love to work with you. 

  • Logo Design
  • Website components
  • Single page layout
  • Photo editing (dust, crop, color adjustment)
  • Photo editing (more detailed edits, creative edits)
  • Card design (Christmas, holidays, birthday, graduation)
  • Flyers/Brochures
  • Business cards design
  • Social Media banners, portraits, ads