Family Portraits

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Family photography is my passion. I was given a camera (35 mm) when my first born was a baby. That was over 23 years ago! Much like a visual diary, I have photos from every stage of my four children’s lives.These collections keep the memories of their little faces alive. They change so fast; we all do! Having these photos allows me to remember the littleness of their faces. I can see their precious smiles with no teeth, or when their hair was still blond, or each and every year that they grew closer and closer into men. When my youngest son was 12, my husband and I were blessed by the birth of boy-girl twins. Much like their brothers I continued to capture all their changes through photography, only now it’s all digital images. Yet the same desire to capture all their nuances from day to day, month to month and year to year is still there. I cherish these photos and I hope you also cherish the memories as I photograph your family.

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Tips and Tricks

For families with small children:

  • Wear layers especially in colder shoots.
  • Always bring a washcloth or wipes for noses and other mishaps.
  • Rather than matching clothing exactly go with color coordination; browns and greens, lighter or darker shades of the same color. Also make sure the colors are good on you for your complexion.
  • If you choose a location, pick one that accentuates your personalities or will go well with the space you plan your wall art to hang.
  • Bring things that enhance the shoot or tell a story or promote the idea you want to share.
  • Bring treats for the kids as a reward system. Positive reinforcement (produces anticipation looks on the face) works better than negative, which creates frowns and sometimes tears.
  • Let them have a "lovey" in the photo, especially really small objects that won’t be seen in the photo but makes their day.
  • Keep it simple. It really is about all of you and your faces in the end, not the location or clothes or anything else.
  • Using props that cause movement tends to give blurry images; e.g swords, throwing leaves and jumping. Special care is needed in a photo if these are expected for images. Speak to me about this during your consultation meetings.
  • Let me know of any stylistic shot you might like and what your purpose is. This will help guarantee we include it in the shooting time.