I have developed significantly in the last five years as a photographer. I once thought, before I became fully dedicated as a professional photographer, that I enjoyed the idea of taking photos of people and nature. Now I feel that there is nothing that could keep me from being a photographer. I LOVE it that much! I honestly do. These last years while shooting events like Potter Park’s Wine & Stein, or Sparrow Foundation’s yearly telethon or Dirtyfeat Adventure Race I have found my true passion; a passion that I can’t live without. And it’s not just huge events either. I love the sessions with families when the little ones are a bit grumpy and I am there to cheer them up and make them smile. Or when the baby is fussy and the mother is certain I was unable to get a single good shot. Then I show her the reveal and she’s speechless! Not only is the child not fussy in these photos, he’s perfect! Each session often gives me butterflies in my tummy, which turns to eagerness. As the shoot begins and comfort levels increase it becomes a moment of fun, excitement and anticipation for the first glimpse of the art we’re creating. The joy I have at creating a photograph of you or the people you love, the people you respect or the events you’ve participated in are a blessing I could never truly describe. I hope you give me a chance to photograph you, create art of your children or provide the collage of images of your special event.